Tips for Saving Money on Office Operating Costs

Starting a new business that requires an office may cost more than you planned for and more than you ever imagined. This is because many people do not think about their daily operating costs before opening an office. In addition to paying for the construction of a new building or to rent space in an existing building, you’ll also need to pay utility bills that provide workers with heat, power and even running water. Before you open a new office, you can find some great ways to save money on all your operating costs.

Use Less Space

Going all out and renting more space than you actually need is a serious mistake. Some business owners rent or buy more space because they want to have space to grow in the future. The more space that you have, the more your bills will be. Even if you use a few hundred square feet in the back of the room for storage, you’ll still pay to heat and light that area. It’s often better to start with less space and to add more space as needed.

Choose the Right Fixtures

Choosing the right fixtures can help you save money too. Fluorescent sockets replacement allows you to use fluorescent bulbs that provide more light and cost less to run than other types of sockets do. You may want to look at fixtures with a built-in timer too. This timer lets you tell the sockets when to turn the lights on and off, which can keep your power bills down. Timers keep employees from leaving the lights on and running all night after leaving the office. If you lease office space, make sure to ask the building owner for permission to change sockets.

Opt for Average Billing

Another way to save is with something called average billing. Contact each utility provider and ask about average billing. Companies will estimate the cost of your bills for the whole year, divide that amount by 12 and charge you a set amount each month. This helps you avoid any high bills during the hot or cold season. If your actual bill is less at the end of the year, the company will put a credit for the amount that you overpaid on your account. With these three tips, you can significantly cut down on the costs of operating your office.