Get Your Schedule Organized in a Snap

Overwhelmed by the endless swirl of papers, calendar notifications and ever-changing plans to keep track of? You’re not alone. Schedules are inherently complicated, and only get increasingly difficult when you do not have a proper system in place to manage your to-do lists, obligations and reminders. Check out this simple guide to help get your schedule back in sync.

Pinpoint Your Schedule Pains

Before you can commit to a complete organizational overhaul, first determine where your schedule is driving you mad. Do you find it difficult to keep track of dates and commitments when they’re stored digitally? Perhaps the paper trail bothers you, and your office is proof of overflowing files. Decide what needs to change the most to tailor your organizational efforts.

Create an Information Hub

If your schedule feels out of control, stop and clearly think about how you want to process incoming dates and demands. For example, you found out your best friend’s birthday dinner is next week, plus rent is due on Friday. You need all dates and reminders on one platform to keep you focused while eliminating unnecessary double entries. Choose a medium, whether it be a physical planner or smartphone app, and keep all information there. In the chaos of daily life, the last thing you want to do is shuffle between a daybook, phone and mountain of papers to find the time of that urgent root canal. Keep it simple with all schedules and reminders in one location.

Test Run

The awesome thing about your schedule is that it’s yours. Not digging the calendar layout? Try a new one! Feel like you’d prefer to see a monthly view plus a weekly glance of upcoming deadlines? Consider placing a magnetic dry erase board on your desk to keep you focused on the here-and-now commitments.

Give yourself some time to explore your preferred scheduling system and you’ll be on-track to organization in no time.